Friday, July 17, 2015


This morning's reading was from Hebrews 6:13-14

When God was making his promise to Abraham, you see, he had nobody else greater than himself by whom he could swear, and so he swore by himself, with the words, ‘I will most surely bless you, and multiply you very greatly.’

[Wright, N.T. (2011-05-31). Hebrews for Everyone (New Testament for Everyone) (p. 64). Westminster John Knox Press. Kindle Edition.]

The words, ‘I will most surely bless you, and multiply you very greatly’  jumped out at me.  The words seemed to me to be a promise for the women I have been working with, indicating that God will bless them in their endeavours.  As they teach others the numbers of people involved in this projectwill increase, helping to get more of them out of their abject poverty.  God will be with them and bless them.

I have been blessed to be with them and help train their skills and equip them to make better products.

The crafts we have been working on are different from the ones sold here in all the tourist shops, so they should be able to find a market in Madagascar as well as abroad.

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