Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dinner for Five = $50

We've just had a wonderful dinner out at a new local restaurant at the beach.  We all had entrees (two of which were lobsters brought fresh to the restaurant five minutes earlier)  and dessert, two of us sampled the local rum, three had complimentary rums, and then there were some interesting fruit juices.  Total cost $50  (not each - between the group!)

Maybe we'll go back tomorrow night!!!  Jeannette (Todd and Patsy's housekeeper) is in the workshop so the alternative is cooking or reheating food ourselves.  I think I know which choice we'll make, as we are all pretty tired after a long day's work.

Simon's comments:

Depends on the exchange rate. It may have been only $45. Fantastic location and food. There was a gorgeous sunset during the pre-prandial drinks. I sure hope Sue's prediction of where we'll eat tomorrow evening is correct!

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