Saturday, July 4, 2015

The best thing since sliced bread

Much as I may consider myself the best thing since sliced bread, I suffer occasional bouts of realism.  [Realism is like malaria in respect of recurring in bouts, though I am glad to say I have no personal experience of the latter -  nor, if Sue is to be believed, much experience of the former.]  While suffering from such bouts, I realize that I am the sidekick on this trip.
I will, I hope, make a useful contribution to the quality of diocesan bookkeeping.  But a far larger contribution may be made by the sessions Sue is scheduled to hold to train local women in various handcrafts that Sue’s research suggests can readily be sold in the US.   If those sessions are successful, it will be possible to offer various handmade items  at attractive prices while still providing the women income that would be significantly ahead of Malagasy levels.  [Of course, there’s more to it than that – international shipping, import/export permits, taxes, etc – but let’s check first that there’s a show worthy of being put on the road.]

It’s exciting to think that we might play a part in economic development for some of the world’s poorest.   Sue and I are very grateful all those who, sharing this excitement, contributed all kinds of thread, beads, and so on to bring with us.   More on all this in future posts.

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