Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Possibly not such a useless wombat

I’ve been working to streamline the various categories used in keeping the books of the day-to-day workings of the Diocese of Toliara and of its capital projects and cyclone relief operations.   The Wombat is finding his experience as one-time Treasurer at St James the Less invaluable, both in terms of familiarity with bookkeeping software and also in terms of working with bookkeepers.   That task is now pretty much complete. 
There are still bookkeeping improvements to be made.  Nevertheless, what I’ve been able to do will probably help when the External Auditor visits.   I’m still sure that my work is not as important as what Sue is doing with the handcrafts.  However, as Bishop Todd pointed out the other day, potential overseas partners or major donors tend to demand to know that they are working with an organization that can account for how money gets used.
Furrily yours,
The GUW (Greater Useless Wombat – see earlier post)

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