Sunday, July 12, 2015

Confirmation Service

Thankfully Bishop Todd was well enough to conduct a Service of Baptism for 2 babies, and 2 adults and Confirmation of 17 adults, today.  This was held in the Education Building of the Cathedral Complex, which is where services happen until the Cathedral is completed.

The Confirmation Candidates

Baptism of one of the babies - look carefully at the "Font"!

Confirmand & Certificate

Simon and I muddled along in the congregation trying to find our place in the Malagasy prayer book!  When we got the right page we were able to follow Bishop Todd’s reading, but the Archdeacon, Venerable Theodore, was way too fast for us.  It was exhausting simply trying to keep up with him!  I as reduced to following the words with my finger to keep us in place.  Singing hymns was much easier as the music is played quite slowly.  It is much easier to participate with a hymn book!!

This afternoon, Patsy, Jackie and I joined the ladies for paper bead making; Bishop Todd conducted a marriage preparation service for Evangelist Antsa, whom we met last year; and Simon is buried deep in the complexities of the book-keeping system.  I think I have the more fun job.  Grin!!

Now I'm off to make a celebratory chocolate bread and butter pudding!  Now there’s a reason to come to Madagascar!

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