Sunday, July 12, 2015

Third Day of Class

This went really well.  The women are proving to be very adept at making things. 

Christie, Soliaulanne & Zafy working on braiding
Zafy trying out chain stitches
Today was the chance for the second group to have a go at Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) on foam disks. 

I have never seen anyone work so fast as the ladies who have travelled from Fort Dauphin (on the south-east coast.  Toliara is on the south-west coast).  

They are from an area where the people weave with raffia and straw, and they really took to braiding  (as did Zafy, our translator, who has now been caught twice doing “women’s work” – his words!!  Once working samples of chain stitch and split stitch.  He worked the basic Kumihimo braid so quickly, that I am teaching him one of the flat braids too).
How to store your embroidery threads !


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