Thursday, July 9, 2015

Market Research

In the first session, Sue needed to present the results of her market research in relation to the crafts that Glen Tracy and Eric Robison had transported to the US a few months ago.   In some cases, this represented criticism.  None of us enjoy receiving criticism.  In this case, the risks of causing offense or despondency were increased by the fact that the criticism had to be conveyed from one language and culture to another, and – while from a woman to women – was mediated by a male interpreter, Zafy.    That’s probably about as tough as it could get!  Sue had understandably been concerned about how this presentation would go.  Patsy (who of course speaks Malagasy) was also present, and says that the words were good. 
Phew!   Now the sessions can move on to making things.
Speaking of Zafy, one has to admire a guy who can make an intelligible job of translating explanations about an unfamiliar craft!   Last year he interpreted for the banner-making, as well as sessions for children and Matthew’s voice workshop.  We are so glad to have him again.   

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