Saturday, August 6, 2016

What happened?

(I am grateful to Robby Keen for confirming that I have recorded the following accurately.)

Wednesday afternoon, some of our fellow visitors to Toliara accompanied the Archdeacon and one of the Evangelists to take part in a service at Ankilibe, the coastal village where Matthew and I had been with Patsy in 2014. 

Before arrival in Ankilibe, one of the visitors, Robby Keen, had a mental image of an elderly woman who was not blind but who could not see properly.

During the service, an elderly lady was clutching her Bible, and so must normally be able to see to read.  Yet it was evident that she could not make out the text on this occasion.   At the end of the service, she was the first to come forward to be prayed for.   It looked as if she was suffering from cataracts.  Thus, while not blind, she lacked her accustomed vision.

After being prayed for, the lady could read the print in the Bible the Evangelist showed her.  Once she returned to her place, she picked up her own smaller (and thus small-print) Bible and was reading in that.   It was clear that her neighbors were amazed.  So many people then thronged forward to be prayed for that the visitors, Archdeacon and Evangelist found it physically difficult to leave.

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