Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tsinjoriake Village

On our drive to Toliara on Tuesday, we stopped for a few minutes at this village, just a short distance before entering Toliara.

One of the village elders lined everyone up to meet us:

We had saved the uneaten breads and pastries from breakfast and had asked our driver to stop at a suitable place to give them away.  He told us he had also filled discarded water bottles at the hotel to give to this village as they do not have a source of water.  We wished we had known of this need beforehand, as we would all have saved the bottles we had drunk at the hotel and filled them from the tap too.

Alain explained that the tin hut in the middle of the photo is the village school and Anglican church -  a part of the Diocese of Toliara.  The entire village is Christian.

The tin used to surround the Cathedral complex, but when the wall was build instead, the tin was re-purposed.

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