Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Days for Girls class - and our first postpartum kit in use!

Today's training of the women, covered food and water hygiene, fistulas, family planning, and learning to sew the Days for Girls liners.

Dr Zoe teaching
There are around 25 women in class, about 5 of whom have used sewing machines before, plus some who have never sewn before and some who are learning to use scissors to cut fabric. The new sewing machines are somewhat unreliable, and getting them to work properly took a lot of time today.

Cutting liners
Lunchtime activities!
This afternoon, we were able to pair each experienced sewing machine user with a novice, and it was wonderful to see the pairs working together.

We gave out out first Days for Girls Postpartum kit on Saturday to Meza, who is due to give birth shortly. 

DfG suggests loaning these postpartum kits to women for the time after the birth when larger pads are needed.  After the women have finished using the kit, they will wash it and return it to the Cathedral, where someone will be responsible for sterilizing it with a bleach & water solution. 

Nolavy was supposed to come to collect one today, but instead went into labour, and has a baby boy!  Meza's kit was handed to Nolavy (as they live very close to each other) and a second kit taken to Meza. 

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