Thursday, August 18, 2016

Days for Girls at the Cathedral Complex, Toliara

The classes went well at the Cathedral Complex here in Toliara. The women learned how to make the kits as a team really well - some drawing and cutting the fabric, some using the sewing machines, some turning and pressing the liners and shields; and then rotating jobs so that they all got a turn at doing each step.  This week, I taught the local ladies how to make the bags too.

We have appointed an assistant coordinator for the Women's Center - Chretienne.

Chretienne at work
 It will be her job to open and close the Center each day (Monday through Friday), hand out supplies to the workers, supervise and teach them, record how many items were made and by whom, and calculate what they should be paid.

Note Chretienne's finger cotts, which she made for herself to keep her work clean

This afternoon, the Women's Committee, Rev. Patsy and I will meet to discuss who will be the first 6 women to be trained to make the Days for Girls kits.  Gasthe, Economic Development Coordinator, will not be able to be present as his grandmother has just died and the family is in the mourning period.  There was a test on Monday and Tuesday mornings when the applicants each had to make a liner and a shield.

Most of the applicants for the first 6 posts
Tantely's shield and liner
Tantely's husband, Zafy's shield and liner

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