Sunday, August 7, 2016

Lost and Found! Or super-Bishop!

On Friday evening, we rewarded ourselves with drinks and dinner at Le Blu.  We sat outside on the deck, by the beach, enjoying the stars and the sea, and getting chillier - to the point where my engagement and wedding rings dropped off my hand when I held it downwards.  I just caught the eternity ring, but the engagement ring dropped through a gap in the decking.

Various people jumped up with flashlights, and Robby located it about 18 inches in the sand below.  Before I could work out what to do Bishop Todd (closely followed by Robby who did not want to be left out of the adventure) where on their bellies crawling several feet underneath the deck to retrieve the ring!  The restaurant staff looked rather bemused!

The video of the event is very amusing, but need to be trimmed before I can post it

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