Sunday, August 7, 2016

Highlight of the Trip!

We are once again having a wonderful and very fruitful trip to Madagascar.  We have now done two days of sewing classes with the women, and one day of teaching the women and girls about menstruation, reproduction and hygiene.  They were fascinated to discover more about their bodies than they had ever known before. We charged the women in class with telling what they had learned to all the girls and women they know. Around 100 women, plus girls and babies came to the presentation on Saturday.

We explained about the germs transferred via hands by putting red glitter on my hands, and silver on those of  Dr Zoe.  Then we shook hands with people at the end of rows, who shook hands with their neighbours along the row.  It was then possible to see how the glitter was transported from hand to hand

The first arrivals for the DfG presentation

Dr Zoe & Sue

We gave out 20 kits as door prizes.

I was so thrilled after the service on Sunday morning to see a group of girls gathered around Tantely.  When I looked closely they were examining one of the Days for Girls cards about the monthly menstrual cycle, and she was carefully teaching them what she had learned in the previous two days.

We drove to Ifaty for lunch and are having a night’s break at Hotel Nautilus. We are planning a pirogue ride in the morning, followed by visiting the spiny forest.  Then Tuesday will be back to classes.  It was bliss to have a warm shower this evening, after swimming in the infinity pool.

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