Friday, August 10, 2018

Tonga Soa eto amin’ny Berenty (Welcome to Berenty!)

We have had a journey to the south east involving many gracious welcomes, but we were very surprised by the visitors who strolled one by one down the path, to greet us in our bungalow at Berenty Reserve.  They explained that this gallery forest was their natural home; that they greatly enjoy the warmth of the sun and that they were just placing a brief visit as it was nearly time for the sun to go down.

The leader entered very gently into the sitting area of our bungalow, sat gracefully in the middle of the floor and looked at us inquisitively.  We felt very welcomed into their environment! 

They accepted the fact that we did not have any suitable food to share with them, and settled down to provide landscaping services on the patio instead. 

We did decline their offer to sleep the night in the hammock made by the mosquito net over our king-sized bed.  They indicated that all 15 of them could climb up there easily and sleep there quite comfortably.  They would enjoy the warmth of each other’s presence and would not feel at all crowded. 

We also discouraged them from sharing our bathroom!

Their brown cousins were shyer and remained more hidden in the trees of the forest surrounding the bungalow:

We did not meet their white relatives until the following day:

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