Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Yeti

And for anyone who is still puzzling about the Wild, Guard Yeti mentioned in our very first post, here she is...

Pollyanna Yeti-Cat & the Lemurs

Safely Home!

After leaving Vakona Lodge in Andasibe, we arrived home after 37 hours of travel.  We made all the connections safely and our bags came too!  We are glad to sleep in our own beds - and very thankful for hot showers still!

We discovered on Wednesday that the Malagasy call the Indri lemurs, babakoto.  So maybe we should rename the blog!

We will leave you with some photos of the domesticated, ex-pet lemurs at Vakona Lodge, whom we got to know quite well!  The fur is very soft, and their licks very gentle!
Simon, Matthew and 2 black & white lemurs
The mobbing!  First banana of the day

Matthew, and the brown lemur we named Grabber!

A bamboo lemur - eating bamboo.  They are shy and don't climb on you.

Sifaka mother
... and baby

Ring-tail lemurs

If you want to see more photos (if you can bear it!) or share a Malagasy-style dinner (we promise the food is not unusual) and hear all about the Babbs' recent trip to Madagascar, join us at St James the Less on Wednesday, August 13 at 6:00pm.   Please email  / contact Sue, if you plan to come so that there will be sufficient food.

Wednesday Lunch Time - A Fast Answer to Prayer

While waiting for lunch to be served, Bishop Todd was out of sight on the other side of the room, trying to download the Cathedral plans over the slow internet connection.  One of the members of the St Gregory’s team reported that Todd had been approached by someone asking if he had any antibiotics, and was praying for the situation with laying on of hands (in the middle of the dining room).  Apparently a Campus Crusade leader, who spends time with Todd training the Evangelists had spotted him and brought an American colleague to ask him for the antibiotics.  When I heard this I went over to Todd to ask what drugs were wanted, and apparently it was Cipro (for travellers' tummy).  The Babbs family had been advised to each bring this drug with us, and each still had a complete set.  As we were returning the next day we could spare one (and still have enough for us all to take it).  So, after talking with Todd, we were able to hand over a set within a few minutes of Todd praying.  Everyone declared this was a very fast answer to prayer!

Wednesday 27th - progress on the Cathedral

Today we were in the rainforest tracking down lemurs (indri indri and sifaka) when suddenly a cell phone rang.  I was puzzled as it seemed to be my phone (which has no reception in Mada and therefore wasn’t with me)!  I soon realized it was Todd’s phone ringing.  It was the project manager for the Cathedral on the line, telling him that the next stage of the plans had been sent to him.  Work might start on the foundations as soon as September, and if everything goes smoothly will take 8 to 10 months!  At present all there is to see are a lot of cacti and scrub where the Cathedral will be, and it is hard to believe that this time next year it could be complete.  They have raised most of the money that is needed for it ($240,000 out of the needed $300,000).  If anyone would like to contribute to building a Cathedral, we can give you the contact information.

Indri Indri