Monday, June 30, 2014

Blessed in many ways!

We are grateful to our Rector, Lisa Senuta, and the members of our Church, St James the Less, for their prayers of blessing and sending in the services yesterday morning. 

We also want to thank the dedicated Thirty Worthy Minutes attendees for enthusiastically returning to their kindergarten days and gluing 450 photos of local sights and creatures to make greetings cards for us to take from St James the Less to the people we meet in Toliara (see example below). 
Your help was MUCH appreciated!

Famangiana avy amin' ny Fiangonana Santa Jakoba

any Northfield, Illinois, USA

(Photo:  Notre Église en hiver)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Thank you for the markers, pens and pencils

Thank you for the stationery supplies!   We have had an amazing response to this appeal and have now nearly reached capacity for what we can carry with us

We will be buying some things in Toliara e.g. a sewing machine and portable CD player for the Diocese, to enable us to make best use of the 2 day banner making class, and to play some music in the children’s sessions.  Patsy has had the CD player on her wish-list for a while, and the idea of making 14 banners in two days without a sewing machine was too much of a challenge for Sue!  Todd and Patsy’s housekeeper,  Jeannette, has just taken out a loan to buy a sewing machine for herself, and we will get the same model as that so that she can train other women to use it.  Jeannette is a skilled embroiderer – as can be seen from Todd’s shirts, which she embellishes with Malagasy dancing people.

News from Mauritius (where Patsy served as priest for 15 months) is that the launch of her musical “A Time to Dance” has been well received.  This was written in dedication to the women of Madagascar and proceeds will go toward raising awareness, hope and empowerment of women in Madagascar. 

And we heard that the worship community at the cathedral complex in is outgrowing its current place in the training building, so it’s good news that progress is being made with the building of the Cathedral.  There is a matching grant in place, this year to raise the remaining funds for that.  

We are in the process of having all the necessary immunizations, and getting prescriptions for antibiotics to take with us in case of traveller’s tummy or an injury to Sue’s arm which has lymphoedema.  We would much appreciate prayers that none of the antibiotics are necessary, and that we tolerate the anti-malaria drugs when we start taking them a day or so ahead of arriving in Madagascar – being sick on those long flights doesn’t sound like a good start to the trip!!