Thursday, May 31, 2018

Babbs visit to Mada 2018

Simon and Sue Babbs are returning to the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar for 4 weeks this summer. We will get to see Glen and Betsy Tracy’s landscaping first-hand!

For the first part of the trip we will stay at the Cathedral complex in Toliara town, and then we will  travel, with Rev Patsy McGregor and SAMS missionary, Jacky Lowe, to the south east of the island to the parish of Fort Dauphin, visiting at least 9 different Churches and villages. We worked in  the Diocese with Jacky in 2015, so it will be nice to meet up with her again. 

Simon, Jacky and Sue at St Philip's, Ambohitsabo

Our plan is that Simon will once again work with the Diocesan bookkeeper on their accounting system, and also discuss philosophy with some of the clergy and evangelists; Sue will be continuing her work with the Days for Girls Enterprise in Toliara, and will deliver several hundred kits, which have been made by the Northbrook team to the women and girls.

Days for Girls kits being made in Northbrook

We will also have the opportunity to meet with Rev Derek and Jane Waller, who are missionaries from England.  We had lost touch with Jane after leaving university, so it will be quite fascinating to meet up with her 40 years on in Toliara!

We invite your prayers for our health and safety; for successful communications with the Malagasy people despite our not speaking the language and for us to bring the love of Christ to all whom we meet.