Sunday, July 6, 2014

Yippee!! The Banners are Ready!

After many weeks of drawing, sewing and cutting, the banners are finally ready!! Hurrah!

In our second week, Matthew and I will be leading a two day workshop with around 50 ladies from the 7 Churches in Toliara, which has meant a lot of preparation to try to make this work smoothly. 

While we are leading this workshop, Simon will be working with Florette and Mamy to setup the Diocesan accounts in Quick Books.

We now have 2 kits prepared for each Church (i.e. 14 kits) - and 2 completed banners as examples for the ladies to see.

This first banner is based on the story in John chapter 4 of Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan Woman, in the heat of the day at a well. We chose the rock and soil colours to be as close to that of the local soils  in the photos we have seen.  It will be interesting to know if we got it right!

Patsy had asked if the ladies could make banners showing the new Diocesan logo (the red Bishop's mitre, sun, baobab tree and text).  The date on the logo reflects the year the Diocese was formed. The style of cross is that used on the Evangelists' scarves.  The background is a much brighter colour than in this photograph. 

It took me most of a day to find ways to draw the logo (using a combination of Lace Design Software, Paint and Photoshop Elements!)  Then I had the fabric printed at Spoonflower - 4 mitres to a square metre(!), as this seemed the simplest way to get the logo and text on to a banner.

The new Diocesan Vision Statement is: "Mitombo, Mandroso ao amin' ny Kristy", which translates (roughly) to  "Move Forward & Progress in Christ". 

The final two banners are based on images on the Archdeacon's stoles:

Patsy has written a musical: "Life with God is a Time to Dance", which is what the Malagasy says on this banner, and we will be using this idea in the children's workshops.  More on that when I've written the lesson plan!!! Next challenge is to pack all of the fabrics in the suitcase...

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