Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's not all zebu and large groups

Like any operation, the Diocese of Toliara has to keep its bookkeeping in order.  It is already a leader in this matter, in that it is the only diocese here to have commissioned an external audit.  
The diocese decided that it would be helpful to migrate their bookkeeping off Quicken onto  a more sophisticated package, Quickbooks.  (Lightly) armed with an online training course in Quickbooks and my past experience as Treasurer at StJtheL, I spent some time before our visit working with a British guy, John Griffin, who is the finance whiz of Todd and Patsy’s international support group, PRP, to figure out possible ways of achieving this migration.

The Office Staff:  Florette, Mamy and Antsa

Tuesday onwards this week, I have been meeting with Todd and/or the bookkeeper and treasurer here to begin to turn our tentative plans into reality.  With just one and a half days to go, I hope we can achieve enough for Florette and Mamy to cope on their own with remote support.

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