Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday's change of plans

Our plans today had been to visit the Botanic Gardens in Toliara, but with my stomach upset, I didn’t know if I was able to cope with that, so we decided instead to visit the cattle market and the local village, which are nearby.  Zafy, who is interpreting for us, came with us. We were so glad that we made this decision, as it was wonderful to be welcomed by the Malagasy villagers.

At the cattle market, we were offered one of these handsome zebu for sale,  17 million ariary (nearly 7000 USD).  A special price for the white woman we suspect!  

This market is about 15 minutes walk from the Cathedral complex along sandy roads.  From the windows of Todd and Patsy's home, we see the zebu and goats being herded to and fro. 

The goats look very healthy, with thick coats which are often glossy, and some have interesting tails, different from what I am used to.

These two had been bought and were getting their first (and probably last) pousse pousse ride!

We then walked back through the cattle market, past the cemetery on the hill, to the village of Andranomena, which turns out to be just the other side of the palm trees beside the Cathedral Complex.  We had no idea so many homes were there until we ended our visit and were brought back the quick way at the end of the visit.

On arrival we came to the well where they wash and do their washing.  There are two other wells for drinking water.  A group of children trailed us, and loved posing for photos - and then seeing what their photo looked like on our cameras! 

After we admired his flower garden, and watched them building the foundations of a new small building, we were invited into the home of an elderly man, and met his fourth daughter, and cat. We then went to Zafy's home and met his wife, and 4 month old baby Christopher, and his wife's sister and husband and 2 1/2 month old baby. It is customary to live with the wife's mother when you have a new baby for quite a few months (I forget how many).  So there were a lot of people, one double
Tantely, Baby Christopher & Zafy
with the brother-in-law in the background
bed, 3 seats and a TV in one room, and the kitchen(and maybe more) in the other.  How many foreigners would you invite to sit on your chairs and bed on first acquaintance?  It was such a generous welcome! 

I must go now to the voice session.  Thank you all for following along


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