Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pity there's no snow!

Some of you may merely have glanced at the title of this post and concluded that I must be alright as I'm in a typically whimsical mode.

If you have so concluded, you would be correct.   28 hours of air travel passed better than expected, and we arrived safely at Antananarivo airport.  The altitude reading on the plane when we landed read 1268 metres (about 3800 feet) above sea level, which is higher than many Austrian ski villages.  The Malagasy capital is 18th highest in the world.  No wonder, then, that although it's in the tropics, it's a bit chilly in the middle of the southern hemisphere winter.

Now what if there were snow in Madagascar?   Skiing and lemurs would be an awesome combination.  I think I might be tempted to come live here!


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