Wednesday, July 27, 2016

At Manga Guesthouse. Thanks be to God!

Hurrah! Everything went very smoothly with all three flights, including our friends (Maggie and Paul) arriving just as we started to board in Paris.  All our baggage arrived and we got to Manga around 2 a.m.

Breakfast soon, and then we set off for the drive to Antsirabe.  The sun is fighting with the clouds, and might win!  

Extraordinarily, while we were having juice in Paris airport, we heard "Hello, Babbs!" and there were Bruce, Shay and Abigail Mason, on their return from Tana.  It was lovely for both sleep-deprived families to have time to catch up on each other's news, and to keep each other awake for our next flights!  We had seen Avery on Sunday at St James the Less, with his grandparents,  We had been sad not to be able to be here at the same time as the Mason family this year, so it was great to catch up in these ways! 

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