Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jehovah Jireh! The Lord who Provides!!

Once again God has provided waaaay beyond my expectations!  Many of you know the need for a translator for the Days for Girls classes and distribution, and have been praying with me since January.  We didn't feel that it was right to use our previous translator for these classes, as he is male. This could cause embarrassment on both sides, and inhibit conversation and discussion

We knew we wanted a female, and someone who could cope with translating all the biological and medical terms, but there was no-one we could think of in Toliara that fitted that bill.  God had bigger plans than I dreamt of!  We have Dr Zoe coming from Antananarivo to be our translator and provide more advice than I ever could on the subject of women's health!  She is a Malagasy woman who trained in Hawaii so will easily be able to act as translator!

Thanks be to God!

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