Saturday, February 27, 2016

Days for Girls Kits underway!

The women of the North Suburban NeedleArts Guild are working really hard on making kits for Days for Girls for women and girls in Toliara, Madagascar - and even enjoying themselves doing so!

Our first completed shields:

So far we have 41 complete sets of shields and liners:

Quality control assures me that the liners are very soft!

We also have 53 shields, about 200 liners  and a fair number of Ziploc bags, still waiting to be packed.  With members to be made are  around 100 liners, 70 bags, a lot of washcloths to be reinforced, and much fabric to be washed.  We will need more hotel soap and panties (Hanes brand, girls sizes 6-12, in dark colours) - and more duffle bags to pack them all in to get them to Madagascar!

This is such an exciting project to work on together – and so worthwhile!


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  1. Hats off to you and your needle arts guild for taking on such an important project! The gift of freedom to work and attend school every day is priceless.