Monday, February 8, 2016

Kneeler for the Bishop's Chair at the new Cathedral in Toliara

Back in July 2014, towards the end of our first trip to Madagascar, when we were wandering through Mantadia rainforest in search of lemurs, Bishop Todd asked me if I would consider making a kneeler for his chair at the still-to-be-built Cathedral in Toliara.

Bishop Todd’s chair (cathedra), seen in this photo on the right, is to be moved from
St Lioka’s, Ankilifaly 
to Santa Patrika Katedraly

Many emails went to and fro between Todd, Patsy and myself as I worked on the design of this kneeler.  Then we had a company in England (Jacksons of Hebden Bridge) transfer it to canvas ready for stitching. Around St Patrick's Day last year, I appealed to the congregation for someone to stitch it, and was surprised when one of the men, Chip Herndon, approached me asking to do it.

Chip stitched the kneeler while travelling on many airplanes for business reasons.  It has already been admired by many flight attendants, who were also surprised to find him stitching it!  He made a great job, and it looks beautiful.

The Cathedral will be dedicated on 13th March 2016 (closest Sunday to St Patrick's day) and the  kneeler is now complete and was blessed at St James the Less, Northfield, yesterday.  It will be taken out by the team from Florida who are going to the service.

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