Saturday, June 27, 2015

Will this Mad-venture happen?

We’ve just tried to check our seats on Air France flights and found:
Industrial action called by French air controllers from June 30 to July 03, 2015

Update on June 26, 21:00 (Paris local time)

A first call for strike action has been issued by four French air controllers' unions from June 30 to July 01 and a second call by two others trade unions from July 02 to 03.

Currently, negotiations are still going on between the involved parties. If this industrial action is confirmed, French Civil Aviation Authorities will give instructions to all airlines on Monday, June 29, early in the afternoon, for the flights planned on June 30.

Accordingly to these instructions, we will adjust our flight schedule.

We will inform you soon and make our utmost to assist you to minimize the impact of this industrial action on your travel plans.
We are due to arrive in Paris on an Air France flight on June 30, and leave a few hours later for Madagascar.  It will be very disappointing not to get to Mada after all the work we have done preparing.  Please join us in praying that we do (and preferably without hitches)!

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