Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wednesday 27th - progress on the Cathedral

Today we were in the rainforest tracking down lemurs (indri indri and sifaka) when suddenly a cell phone rang.  I was puzzled as it seemed to be my phone (which has no reception in Mada and therefore wasn’t with me)!  I soon realized it was Todd’s phone ringing.  It was the project manager for the Cathedral on the line, telling him that the next stage of the plans had been sent to him.  Work might start on the foundations as soon as September, and if everything goes smoothly will take 8 to 10 months!  At present all there is to see are a lot of cacti and scrub where the Cathedral will be, and it is hard to believe that this time next year it could be complete.  They have raised most of the money that is needed for it ($240,000 out of the needed $300,000).  If anyone would like to contribute to building a Cathedral, we can give you the contact information.

Indri Indri 

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